Tantric Outcall Massage Girona

outcall massage girona

After more than 8 years perfecting an exclusive luxury massage service, we can already say that we offer the best erotic massages in Girona. We have an excellent team of erotic masseurs in Girona, expert teachers. All the tantric massages they perform are true fantasies, much more than you can imagine. In addition, they include at the end a lingam massage or for women a yoni massage, in which you can ejaculate.

We also guarantee discretion and comfort: we have a 24-hour hotel departure service, and we include the taxi costs in the tantra massage prices.

Decontracting massage (non-erotic)

This is a relaxing therapeutic massage, i.e. to remove contractures with creams and oils. It is carried out on a stretcher and the masseuse remains dressed all the time. It is not an erotic massage nor does it have a happy ending.

Delicious Tantra Massage

It is performed by an expert tantra masseuse who goes half-naked and does a sensual massage with her hands. But it is a receiver massage, so it is not allowed to caress the masseuse in this session.

Massage intensity summum

This is an erotic massage of superior level, performed by a topless masjista who uses both the magic of her hands and her body to go through yours. This is an oriental massage that includes both body to body massage movements as Thai techniques and tantric postures. In this case it is an interactive massage, so it is allowed to caress the masseuse (except in the genitals). An optional prostate massage may be included.

Exclusive luxury massage

Are you looking for the most exclusive and erotic massage on the menu? This is it. It is a tantra massage performed by a completely naked masseuse and includes an erotic shower to enjoy great erotic charge from minute one. But note that in no case the erotic shower time will take time away from the massage.

Four-hand massage

Does a masseur taste like you? Try the four-hand massage: it is performed by two expert masseurs, so the sensations are multiplied by four. At first they will gently provoke you and drive you crazy with pleasure. Enjoy four hands and two exciting bodies that run through every corner of your body: a pleasure only for the bravest.

Tantric massage for couples in Girona

If you’re looking to escape the routine as a couple, this massage is for you. You can enjoy a very exciting experience thanks to the incredible erotic masseurs, who have enormous experience in this type of sensual massage and will adapt to your needs at all times to enjoy the most beautiful and exciting experience possible.

If you don’t just want to receive and also want to learn the secrets of tantric and erotic massage, you can do tantra workshops with your partner. The massage can be done with one tantric masseuse, one male masseur or two masseurs. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask so that you can choose the best therapist.

VIP Services – Erotic Massage Agency Art Massage Girona

In addition to our erotic massage menu, we also offer VIP services for those special clients interested in enjoying other tantric pleasures beyond sensual massage or sex massage in Girona.

What delicatessen do we offer? These are some of them, but you can call us to ask if we can adapt to you:

  • Tantric massage workshops and advanced tantra courses in Gerona.
  • Tantric private parties.
  • Shows carried out by some of the erotic masseurs.
  • Sensitive massages in alternative situations and places.

Gay massage in Girona

Some of our gay masseurs in Girona (specialized in erotic massages for men) offer man-to-man massage in Girona. They include lingam or penis massage, and prostate massage, as well as postures that will allow you to erotize your masculine energy to the maximum. As not all masseurs are gay, we recommend that you call us for information before the massage.

Erotic massage for women or yoni massage

If you are a woman, you can also enjoy these tantric massages in Girona, either with our male masseurs or with some of the female masseurs. It is a massage that includes stimulation of the erogenous zones of the whole body, yoni massage, G-spot massage and even female ejaculation (squirting). We guarantee total satisfaction due to the quality, experience and professionalism of all our erotic masseurs for women. You will see how you will be able to relax and enjoy something totally different from what you have been able to know.

Erotic shower

This is a sensual dance underwater, where the tantric masseuse moves incredibly excitingly around you. It is included in the Exclusive Deluxe massage, but can also be added to any erotic massage without the time of the service influencing your massage time.

If you visit Singapore, you may enjoy an erotic massage in Singapore with our tantra masseuses in that Asian city.